Stay Cool When It’s Warm

Give welcome to your sweat this week as it cools your body. It may be sticky and smelly, but we are fortunate to have such an efficient cooling system. When our brains notice a rising internal temperature, the hypothalamus signals our sweat glands to release water droplets in the form of perspiration. We are not…

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Promise of Spring

leaf unfolding

We are like buds bursting and ferns unfurling, rising toward the warmth of the increasing sunlight – gathering in person and savoring restaurant meals. Possibilities are pushing up through what has been the cold, hard ground of COVID. Soon, the sky will hold light until 6 pm – preparing our hearts further for Spring’s arrival.…

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Moving into Balance

silhouette of woman dancing ballet

Our Olympic team inspire us all. We marvel at human beings spinning through the air, speeding down the track or stroking through water. Our hearts lift as athletes seemingly defy gravity. Talent and training make possible these feats of strength and stamina. Balance shows up too in a courageous gymnast sitting out, a compassionate runner…

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Stretch to Relieve Stress


Dogs and cats stretch when awakening. They extend one leg and then another, making sure their body is ready to move easily into the day ahead. Can our furry friends teach us how to relax in our own rising? Do as they do; reach out with each arm and then with each leg until your…

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This Season: Harvest Comfort


Have you been holding your head in your hands, feeling off balance or bursting into tears? You are not alone. Many have adaptation fatigue from all the adjustments made in the last seven months of COVID-19. Add to that, the election on November 3rd, and you might feel a sense of shock in your nervous…

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Warming Up & Cooling Down


Our skin and our soul warm to summer’s embrace, bringing respite in weary times. Our senses come alive in the warmth: tasting the Sun’s energy in watermelons and peaches, seeing it in sunflowers and in golden light, and smelling it in lilies and in roses. We can play again. Kids draw with chalk on the…

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Recover and Repair – Breath Support for These Times


Take a breath, and then another as you begin reading this. Even a moment of conscious breathing can calm your body, settle your nerves and open your heart. Breathing animates life. We come alive with our first breath and leave this life with our last. Whatever we have done, are doing, or will do depends…

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Breathe Deep & Ground Well on Earth Day & Beyond


We first saw the Earth rise in 1968 when Apollo 8 Astronaut Bill Anders captured it on film. The iconic photo that brought inspiration to the first Earth Day 50 years ago can still inspire awe.  We see in it that our precious planet is home. This year, the Coronavirus brings us new thoughts of…

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Clean Hands & Calm Heart


Calming your heart in a time of health concerns can help boost your immune system. Every time you wash your hands, you also can feel your feet connected to the earth. Grounding like this helps calm the heart and the nervous system. Or, every time you keep 6 feet distant from other people when in…

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Be Friends With Your Body – Relieve Your Pain


Learning to befriend your body when you are in pain allows you to tap inner resources for healing. Moving away from pain helps us to survive – like pulling back your hand when you touch a hot stove.  But when we consistently and unconsciously pull away from emotional pain, we end up moving away from…

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