This Season: Harvest Comfort

Have you been holding your head in your hands, feeling off balance or bursting into tears? You are not alone. Many have adaptation fatigue from all the adjustments made in the last seven months of COVID-19. Add to that, the election on November 3rd, and you might feel a sense of shock in your nervous system along with the exhaustion.

Let’s see what we can do together to harvest some comfort in troubling times. It is possible that the actions of sighing, standing and singing may help allay fatigue and shock while you wait on results, or the aftermath.

Huddling over with head in hands is one way that we physically cope with that which is beyond our understanding. Establishing communication with your body can soothe your nervous system.

Give yourself a few moments now – slow down enough to take a deep breath, and then another. When you come to the third one, see if you can let out a sigh. This can release stored tension, and allow you to be more available to whatever needs doing. Let me suggest conscious sighing several times throughout the day; especially now, and as events proceed.

Many people are feeling off balance. In fact, doctors are seeing more injuries now due to falls. When you lose equilibrium, falling becomes more of a risk. So be careful with yourself- especially when going up and down stairs, and getting in and out of the bathtub.

To help regain stability, take a moment and stand up gently – maybe holding onto a chair or table. Breath once, and again. On a third breath, feel contact with the floor (and by extension with the Earth). Ground onto the floor by pressing down through your toes and heels and the sides of your feet. Feel the connection, and center your hips and shoulders. Sense the strength in your body. Feeling empowered, you now may have energy for the remainder of the day.

Tears welling up, and overflowing often is the result of accumulated stress – but also can be a sign of compassion. Songs that have emerged through struggle have helped people to survive and to surmount staggering hardship. “We Shall Overcome” is such a song. “The Keep Going On Song” is another one. I invite you to lift up your voice for comfort, and for support in the days ahead.

May the “Keep Going On” song comfort and move you as it did me. Click here to view the video.

Through a stirring spirit and choreography; the Dance Theater of Harlem can leap into your heart, bringing calm, and yet a sense of energy. Click here to watch a mesmerizing video of ballet dancers spin and leap through Harlem.