& Retreats.

Since we evolved as part of nature, attuning to the natural world helps to recalibrate and soothe the nervous system. Coming to your senses engages a well-spring of energy available for healing, growth and transformation.

Walking among trees in guided forest bathing workshops and retreats is relaxing and rejuvenating.

Join me for one of my upcoming nature retreats and let me:

  • Group 10 Copy 9

    Ground and welcome you into
    your sacred space.

  • Group 10 Copy 9

    Lead you through novel sensory experiences.

  • Group 10 Copy 9

    Spend time connecting and
    flowing with nature.


Cherry Haisten

Program Director
The Center at St. Andrews

Carolyn’s strong point as a presenter is her ability to bring people to the present moment and help them connect with their own bodies and inner experience, to their senses and to the natural environment. She is excellent at pacing, providing a rich experience for her participants without trying to cram in too much. She creates a sense of spaciousness, grounded-ness, and peace.


Cris Blair

Speech Language Pathologist

I find Carolyn’s presentation style engaging, with plenty of time for questions and comments.  Her experiential activities and hand-outs reinforce her teaching. I come away with a new level of self-understanding.