Services Provided - Counseling

Individual Adult Psychotherapy, Couples Counseling and Adult Family Counseling.

Individual Adult Psychotherapy
is for a person in a one-to-one therapeutic conversation/relationship with the therapist.

Couples Counseling
is for couples who are seen together. Joint sessions allow the relationship to be observed, as well as described, thereby increasing the opportunity for change and improvement.

Family Counseling
for adult members of a family can include two generations, siblings, extended family or in-laws to resolve family issues and/or to care for aging parents.

Each of these services can be provided briefly (up to 8 sessions), short-term (9 - 24 sessions) or long-term (over 1 year) depending on the severity of the presenting problem, your goals for therapy and your motivation to change. Therapy is usually scheduled on a weekly basis, with varying intervals in long-term therapy.

Counseling is offered in both traditional and complementary formats, based on your needs and expectations. Some people are most comfortable with traditional methods and others may wish to explore alternatives. Your comfort and the effectiveness of each form for a particular situation guide me in helping you to choose the best approach.

Carolyn Rodenberg, MA, LMFT, CCH

(206) 367-3058

9500 Roosevelt Way NE, Suite 210
Seattle, WA 98115

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