Traditional Approaches | Complementary Approaches

Complementary Approaches include Body-Oriented Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Energy Psychology and Spiritual Counseling

Body-Oriented Psychotherapy emphasizes the body as a dynamic messenger of emotional information and a holding place for past experiences. Your body expresses thoughts and feelings through posture and movement (body language). I guide you in listening to your body as it speaks, helping you to alleviate patterns of tension and pain for greater comfort and well-being. In addition, I can address the effects of injury and disease on the body.

Hypnotherapy is a safe, effective way to access the unconscious for deep healing. A person naturally goes into a trance state while gazing into a fire, or while looking at the ocean. With your consent, I can use this phenomenon to guide you into a healing trance. Clinical hypnosis can be used for smoking cessation, weight loss, pain or trauma relief, easing dental anxiety, preparing for surgery, enhancing sleep, preparing for childbirth, and for decreasing blocks to desired change.

Energy Psychology is akin to Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in its view of the human energy system. Described in physical terms: air, water and solids are like energy, emotions and the body. A person's energy patterns are more transient than emotional or physical patterns, and thus can be changed more readily. I can help you to make positive shifts in your energy that can lead to improved health and happiness.

Spiritual Counseling allows people to give voice to spiritual questions that often arise in struggles with illness, bereavement, trauma and depression. You can feel safe to discuss your deep experiences of confusion and disconnection or awe and wonder in an atmosphere of respect for your belief system.