Traditional Approaches | Complementary Approaches

Traditional approaches include Family Systems, Psychodynamic Theory and Depth Psychology

Family Systems assumes that people think, feel and behave based upon their role within their family structure and how the family maintains that structure. You can benefit as I help you to recognize these habitual ways of interacting, and you discover more rewarding, thoughtful ways of relating. I guide you through this process of growth.

Psychodynamic theory states that a person unconsciously carries within him or her the family in which he or she grew up. This "internalized family" influences perceptions, feelings and behavior. I provide a safe environment whereby trust can evolve, allowing this internal world to come into conscious awareness so that change can occur.

Depth Psychology proposes that there is meaning beyond an individual, family or group. I can help you to recognize the unconscious dimensions of your relationship with other people, with nature and with that which is sacred. Acknowledging these associations during therapy allows creativity to energize your experience of life.